I build architecture into experience to produce a memory of space – within space. This frontal architecture sets up rules of engagement (read: control) within the site, making for real connections that amplify or quiet down the artworks around and within this expanse.

It is a site of abstracted non-function of functional objects.

I define nostalgia with found materials and the process of making.

My emotions disrupt the artwork, leaving the site crowded with the promise of change found in the painted representations of color.

I am not here.

If I could be anywhere, I would be with you in color.

Each color is poised, negotiated and positioned as a potential. I paint and repaint, to tell a different story. It is a narrative of chance, of pain, and romance. Nothing moves faster than being in color.

I see you in blue,

I feel you in red,

I miss you in yellow.

Familiars, (I am directing an everyday experience) not as an immersive environment, rather, a situation that could be part of it, a calibrated falling apart and reassembly of a personal history, remixed.