2O15                       Alter Studio summer academy, École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

2OO5                     M.F.A. Painting, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada

2OO2                     B.F.A. Studio Arts (with distinction) Concordia University, Montréal, Canada


2O19                      Artist-in-Residence, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NB 

2O18                      The Canada Coucil for the Arts, Research and Creation

2O17                       Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, Production grant

2O14                       The Canada Coucil for the Arts, International Residency program, Artist in Residence, Paris, France

2O12                       The Canada Council for the Arts, Research/Creation Grant

2O12                       Full residency fellowship, Triangle Arts, DUMBO, Brooklyn NY

2OO8                     The Canada Council for the Arts, Project Grant, California

2OO8                     The Tenth Annual Royal Bank of Canada Canadian Painting Competition, Finalist

2OO5                     Full Fellowship, Vermont Studio Center

2OO5                     Full Fellowship, Studio Arts Department for Residency

2OO5                     The Carolyn & Richard Renaud Graduate Award

2OO4                     Joyce Melville Memorial Scholarship

2OO3                     Concordia University Retired Faculty & Staff Graduate Award

2OO2                     The Yves Gaucher Studio Arts Award (Inaugural)

2OO2                     The Carolyn & Richard Renaud Award

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2O18                    Single Family Home for Sale, (collaboration with Dimitri Velasquez) TAP project space, Montréal

2O18                Open Letter To The Women, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montréal

2O16                Plier/Fold, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montréal

2O14                Modern Things, Evans Contemporary, Peterborough

2O14                Rough Diamonds, Gold Dust, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montréal

2O13                Deep, Plus a Direction (BLISS_CPD) Curated by Dacil Kurzweg, Sur la Montagne, Mitte, Berlin, Germany

2O12                Tenor, McClure Gallery, Westmount QC

2O12                1 Restoration, curated by jake moore, FOFA Gallery, Montréal

2O12                several infinities, Maison de la culture Nôtre Dame de Grace, Montréal

2O11                 To This Place, Angell Gallery, Toronto

2O1O               Grace (New Paintings), Winsor Gallery, Vancouver

2OO9               California, curated by Wayne Baerwaldt, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary

2OO9               California, CIRCA, Montréal (publication)

2OO7               Black Paintings, Galerie Thérèse Dion, Montréal

2OO6               Everything Painted White With Color, YYZ Artist Outlet, Toronto (publication)

2OO6               Floating Floors or Maybe Just a Pile of Love…, Optica, Montréal

2OO5               Outside BlissCPD,The New Gallery, Calgary

2OO5               One Floor & One Model. Parisian Laundry, Montréal

2OO4               The Systematic Arrangement of Pretty and Other Accumulations, SKOL, Montréal (publication)

Group Exhibitions 

2O19               Gestures of Comfort, Antoine Ertaskiran, Montréal

2O18               Playlist, Antoine Ertaskiran, Montréal

2O17               Entangled: Two Views on Contemporary Canadian Painting, Vancouver Art Gallery, curated by Bruce Grenville & David MacWilliam (catalog)

2O14               I Love Paint, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Curated by Kim Dorland

2O13               Painting Perspectives, AxeNéo 7, Gatineau, Cuarted by Jennifer Lefort

2O13               Intersections, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montréal

2O13               DUMBO Arts Week, Open Studio, Brooklyn, NY

2O12               Abstraction in Canada, Curated by Otino Cursano, Little Paper Planes 

2O12               Collectionner, Exposition des oeuvres de la collection de François Rochon, Maison de la culture Villeray

2O12               Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montréal

2OO9             Appetite for Construction, curated by Mia Neilson,  Drake Hotel, Toronto

2OO8              The Tenth Annual Royal Bank of Canada Painting Competition (touring) The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON, Le Museé d’art Contemporain de Montréal, QC, The Power Plant, Toronto, ON, Museum London, London, ON, The Rooms, St.John’s, NL, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2OO6              Beyond Feminism, Parisian Laundry, Montréal (catalogue)

2OO5              Garage/Pretty Garage, Alley Jaunt, Toronto

2OO4              Paint! Bourget Gallery, Montréal

2OO4              Forced Air, Montréal

2OO4              99 for 99, invited artist, Observatoire 4, Montréal


The Claridge Collection, RBC, TD Bank, La Ville de Montréal, Bank of Montreal, RBC Investor Services, London UK, Giverny Capital, The Canadian Art Foundation, The Aldo Group, Duncan Ross & Associates, Collection Majudia, BLG Avocats, Private

Reviews (visual arts)

2O18   INTERVIEW: Jeanie Riddle gives colour to gender, memory, space and trauma Ann Dingli, I Think I Like It, Feb 9, 2018

2O18   La Boîte à objets de Jeanie Riddle, Éric Clement, La Presse, Édition du 18 janvier 2018

2O18   Jeanie Riddle Open Letter To The Women, James Campbell, Whitehot Magazine, January 2018

2O18   Regarder devant avec ells pour les arts visuels, Marie-Ève Charon, Le Devoir, January 13, 2018 

2O17   Entangled shows contemporary Canadian painting is alive and well, Robin Laurence, The Georgia Straight Oct 3

2O16    Exposition: l’argile pliée de Jeanie Riddle, Jean-François Villeneuve, La Voix Pop, April 10, 2016

2O14     Jeanie Riddle At Evans Contemporary in Peterborough, Gil McElroy, Akimbo, September 23, 2014

2O14    Jeanie Riddle, James D. Campbell, MagMag, Spring 2014,

2O14    À l affiche, Jeanie Riddle, Éric Clément, La Presse +, 30 mars, 2014

2O13   Jeanie Riddle, Isa Tousignant, RBC Canadian Painting Competition, Fifteen Year Anniversary

2O13   Jeanie Riddle, James D. Campbell, FRIEZE, Issue 152, P161

2O13   Jeanie Riddle, Isa Tousignant, Canadian Art Winter 2013 P146

2O12    …sur les traces de son père, Eric Clement, La Presse, September 19, 2012

2O11    To This Place, Gary Michael Dault, Border Crossings, Dec 2011

2OO9   Jeanie Riddle, David Elliott, Canadian Art, Fall 2009, P160

2OO9   L’équilibre solide, Aliette Mahé, Rover Arts

2OO9   (Dé) Construire Un manifeste d’amour, Nathalie Roy, Vie des arts, #214, P88

2OO8   Curatorial celebrations? Try inventory stockpiles, Sarah Milroy, The Globe and Mail, Nov 22, 2008

2OO8    James Baird, The Current, Issue 28, Nov 28-Dec 5 2008, P 9

2OO8    Abstract painting draws kudos for artist Riddle, Alex Murphy, The Westmount Examiner, Aug 5 08

2OO8     Black Paintings, James Campbell, Etc #81, mars, avril, mai 2008 P 58-59

2OO6   Women Do Laundry, Christine Redfern, Montreal, Mirror, Oct 26-Nov. 2, 2006, P 53

2OO6    Jeanie Riddle: Everything painted White With Color, John K Grande, Vie des Arts, Été 2006, P85

2OO6    Everything painted White With Color, Randall Anderson, YYZine, May 2006

2OO6    Masse D’amour, Lyne Crevier, Ici, April 6-12 2006, P41

2OO5   Window Gazing, Sandra Vida, FFWD, December 22-29 2005, P20

2OO5    Jeanie Riddle shakes things up and causes stuff to shift at the Parisian Laundry, April 28th, 2005

2OO5   Décalage, April 15th 2005

2OO5   Chroma is the Key, Jake Moore, Montreal, Centre des arts actuel Skol, 2005, P36-37

2OO4   Collecting Unconscious, Isa Tousignant, Montreal, Hour Magazine, February 5-11, P24

            Folie Urbaine, Olivier Dumas, Montréal Campus, January 11-28, P15

            Rentrée Culturelle 2004, LC, Ici, January 15-21, P19

2OO2   Epilogue & Visual Supplement, Ascent Magazine; Issue 14, P24-31 & P80

            Personalities Mesh, Kevin D’Abramo, The Concordian, March 27, 2002,P9

Professional experience

Present                   Professional visual artist

2OO5-16               Founding director/curator, Parisian Laundry Contemporary Art Gallery, Montréal

2O12                     Curator,  40th Anniversary Exhibition, The Aldo Group

2OO5-16               Art consultant, The Aldo Group, The Tedeschi Collection

2OO8-2O1O          Contributing writer, Next Level Magazine, London, UK

2OO9-2O11            Juror, BMO 1st Art! Selection committee

2O1O                      Panelist, Curating Spaces, Art Matters, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO9                     Panelist, Border Crossings “tea @ three” TIAF, Toronto

2OO9                     Writer, We Sling Furry Things, catalogue for Valérie Blass

2OO7                     Writer, too much happiness, exhibition catalogue for Janet Werner

2OO7                     Writer, After Berlin, exhibition catalogue for Jennifer Lefort

Professional/Academic/teaching experience                     

2O15                      Artist in residence, La Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

2O15                      Invited artist, ART Now Speaker Series, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB

2O12                      Invited artist, Triangle Arts, Brooklyn, NYC                 

2O12                      Invited artist, FASA Speaker Series, Concordia University, Montréal     

2O1O                     Invited artist, ICI Speaker Series, l’Université de Québec à Montréal, Montréal

2O1O                     Invited artist, Visual Arts Speaker Series, York University, Toronto

2OO9                     Invited artist, Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD), Calgary

2OO6-present      Curator, MFA Inter-University Thesis Exhibition, Collision, Parisian Laundry Gallery, Montréal

2OO5                     Consultant, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery (FOFA), Concordia University, Montréal

2OO5                     Curator, MFA Exhibition, Décalage, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO4-5                 Instructor, Painting 200, Department of Studio Arts, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO7                     Visiting artist, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO8                     Invited artist, Visual Arts Speaker Series, York University, Toronto

2OO4                     Coordinator, MFA Inter-disciplinary Exchange, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO3                     Hiring Committee, Painting & Drawing Tenure Track Search, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO3                     Coordinator, MFA Resource and Orientation, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO2-5                  Representative, Studio Arts Department Council, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO2-4                 Representative, Graduate Studio Art Advisory Committee, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO1-2                  Representative,Studio Arts Department Council, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO4                     Teaching Assistant, Introduction To Studio Arts, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO3                     Invited artist/lecturer, Introduction to Studio Arts, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO3-4                 Teaching Assistant, Special Topics in Painting/Installation:, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO3                     Teaching Assistant Advanced Painting, Concordia University, Montréal

2OO3                     Teaching Assistant, Fundamentals of Painting & Drawing, Concordia University, Montréal


2O15                Participating artist, Casey House, Art with Heart, Toronto 

2O14                Participating artist, Casey House, Art with Heart, Toronto 

2O14-present   Member, Honorary Committee, La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse

2OO6-O9         Board Member, Batshaw Youth And Family Foundation

2OO6               Curator/Coordinator, Le Grand Circuit Foundation benefit art auction

2OO4/5            Fundraiser coordinator, La Maison Flora Tristan, Montréal